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Dr. Naazir's incoming visiting schedule:


Visiting Cities & Countries: Abroad >London >Nottingham >Bristol >Dewsbury >Manchester etc. Visiting countries of the Middle East & Asia: >Dubai >Oman >Kuwait >Bahrain >Qatar >Sharjah >Singapore >Sri Lanka Visiting countries of Europe: >Germany >Spain >France >Switzerland Visiting Cities in Pakistan Visit to Pakistan: First 10 days of every month available at Lahore clinic. Phone # Pak: “+92 323 4220323, Email: Phone # UK: +447904207324, Email:”

 Dr. Naazir Profile:


(AM ) DEPM-DLDL-PGDH-ADHT-DQMA-FTJ -FBIH Director: The Institute of Paranormal Sciences UK. The Institute of Healing Hands UK. CEO: Care2You UK/Pak. (Experties) >Mind Sciences Expert >Energy Healer & Trainer >Quantum Healer*Islamic Reiki Master >Dowsing Expert & Trainer >Sujok Expert >Cupping (Hijama) Specialist >Lecturer >Motivator >Researcher >Trainer. Visiting Cities and Countries Abroad >London >Nottingham >Bristol >Dewsbury >Manchester etc. Visiting countries of the Middle East & Asia: >Dubai >Oman >Kuwait >Bahrain >Qatar >Sharjah >Singapore >Sri Lanka Visiting countries of Europe: >Germany >Spain >France >Switzerland Visiting Cities in Pakistan Visit to Pakistan: First 10 days of every month available at Lahore clinic. Dr. Naazir is one of the leading internationally renowned Mind Sciences Expert and Alternative medicines physician in the world. He has been successfully treating thousands of patients worldwide. His method of teaching, training and healing is unique and remarkable. He has visited over 100 countries of the world. A regular visitor of Pakistan, Middle East, Far East and Europe. His method of training, teaching and healing is unique and remarkable. People from all over the world contact him in person,via phone and email to get their daily problems and issues solved. Patients with physical illness and mental disorders are getting help from his expertise. Dr. Naazir has been offering Energy healing and other alternative medicines based treatments like Hijama (Cupping), Sujok, massage, reflexology therapies for more than a decade treating chronic and acute patients easily. He works on every level for patients, students, parents, employees, employers, business management, educational institute etc. Conducts trainings & Workshops in self-development and various meditation techniques to approach higher self and awakening of hidden abilities. Works for: ● Army ● Police ● Banks ● Educational Institutes ● Restaurants ● Companies ● Factories ● Patients ● Students etc.

 About Us:


COMPANY PROFILE: Care2you Our Work and method of treatment are based on the Motto: Holistic Approach to Health. Complete physical, mental spiritual fitness۔ As: “Every Disease has its cure a person only needs to find it. Help us to find your treatment.” Care2you Establishment● UK (Head Office) in 2008. ● PK (Sub Office) in 2008. Care2you believes in research & development as well and to meet this objective.. . ......



Detail: The Aim of modern medical world is to rule over the world through a well-planned business strategy supporting the medicine companies. Therefore they don’t research to discover cure of diseases rathercarry on treating the patients by providing them temporary relief andrelaxation. Our aim is to facilitate the patients with most modern and ancient, error free, natural and alternative medicines based cure ensuring complete treatment of diseases as well as guidance according to the most suitable dietary requirements and other unique tips for a complete mental, physical and spiritual healthy life.. ..... .




“Bridging the gap between the mind and the spirit” Methods of Treatment: ● Mind Sciences 1. Energy/Quantum Healing. 2. Defragmentation of mind. 3. Body Magnetic field. 4. Explore consciousness. 5. Training & Sessions. ● Hijama (Cupping) Therapy. ● Sujok. ● Homeopathy. ● Massage Therapy. ● Spiritual Healing. ● Herbal Remedies. ● Dowsing. ● Prophetic Medicines. ● Hopi Ear Candle. ● Reflexology. ● Food Intolerance Test. (UK) . ..... .....



Detail: ● Herbal Medicines. ● Herbal Hair oils. ● Mercy Smoke ● Magic Tooth Powder ●Eyes Drops ●Ear Drops ● Food Intolerance Test. (UK)

 Care2you Team:


UK: Dr. Naazir, Dr. Ruqia, Tasbiya Rehman Pak: Dr. Naazir, Mirab Naazir, Ayesha Maqsood, Dr. Rauf Saeedi

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Contact Us:


UK Office: 172-St Pauls Road Birmingham United Kingdom B128LZ.   Whatsapp Ph: +447904207324

Pak. Office: 162-S-1 Bait ur Raza Colony, AlMumtaz Road. Yateem Khana Chowk, Lahore. Pakistan.   Ph: +92-323-4220323



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