Dr Naazir

Dr Naazir Specializes in Alternative Medicines and Therapies.

He aims to help Patients with prolonged diseases, who are not getting cured even after taking allopathy medication. The patients’ Physical, Mental, Psychological and Spiritual Health issues is his main focus. He Specializes in various health issues including, Diabetes, Kidney Failure, polycystic ovarian, ulcerative colitis, heart and Liver Related problems, Infertility, Obesity, infections, OCD, Depression etc.

Dr Naazir works on Body Magnetic Field and is an expert in Quantum Healing. That’s why he can help you in any sort of problems from distance.

Dr Naazir personally takes care of all his patients. 

Doctor of medicine (AM)
Experimental Parapsychologist.
Director of Royal Institute of Alternative Therapies.
Director: The Institute Of Paranormal Sciences.
CEO: Alternative Medicines Research Centre.
Chairman: The Centre Of Healing Hands.
Care2you (Regd)PK.